by Astrid

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4-track self-titled EP


released October 7, 2014

All songs and lyrics written by Astrid

Recorded and mixed by Leonard Soosay of Snakeweed Studios
Mastered by Ahmad Husayn



all rights reserved


Astrid Singapore

Post-hardcore from sunny Singapore

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Track Name: Alpha and Omega
I refuse to think that I am blind. In fact, my eyes are open to the truth. I have been searching for answers, but I have only been met by silence.

I kneel in despair and surrender my fate, but I have never been answered. It becomes clear then, that the answers I’m looking for are nowhere to be found.

I see the horrors created by faith, and monsters created by blind following. And I tell myself, I shall not risk my beautiful creation and fall into the dwells of hell on earth.

I understand that morality does not equate faith. And I’ve seen the helpless crying and praying, begging and seeking for your assistance, but why are they still crying and praying?

I’ve never understood things I don’t see. And my head swells and turns, rummaging through any recollection of memories of my life where I can find you. So if you’re there, please show yourself.

Give me a sign.

If I am really blind, then open my eyes. Show me the light. Let me know it’s fine. Show me the reasons, give me my answers. Show me the path.

But as of now, I will not place faith in your existence.
I will rather not misplace my hopes and dreams.

I am a man who stands on my two feet, and these two feet bear the weight of the world.

I shall walk the path as i have done before, without your guidance.
And I will set out on my own, to walk this journey all alone. And I’ll never forget who I really am, and who I really owe
Track Name: The Futile Resistance (I am merely a component)
I never asked to be born, delivered from nature into a machine. A system of cycles that I can never break out of. Oh how many times have I tried. A machine that consumes every one of us,

taking away souls and spitting out drones.
None of us are spared

I’ve always asked myself, if this is the place they call hell, an inferno we built ourselves.
That the eyes of their souls have been blinded to see, so they can only fantasize.

I try to coax myself away
from this insanity but I only understand what I see.
I always dream of better days.
Of days where I can end all this tyranny,

stemming from (the) every weakness of man, fuelled by the deepest evil we were born with and so I figured that my efforts will always prove futile,

for man has chosen his fate, and every man chooses his, and our hands are stained with blood, the blood from our own kind.

I understand now that we’ve gone too far in, we’ve gotten ourselves too far deep.
That the only way is to start all over again. And destruction is our only way out. We’re a ticking bomb. And I’m counting down.
Track Name: Decay
Is this the point where I should let go? And is this the point where they know for sure?

And sometimes I just don’t know, what is the point anymore.

This apathy is a sickness I can’t relieve myself from. Slowly, the clock ticks away while it grows and consumes me. Rotting and stale, this is the worst way to die.

I’d rather feel all the pain than feel nothing at all.
I’d rather this be my last breath than live in this desolate void.

It’s not that I haven’t tried or I haven’t fought. But Ive been betrayed a thousand times that depletion’s the natural course. But the worst betrayal, is the betrayal from my own dreams, from my own deeds.

Cause everything white turns black someday.
And nothing pure will ever stay.
And as we’re fighting a losing fray.
We’ll watch our hearts rot away.
Track Name: Deliverance
Life, you ripped my chest open and put your hands into my heart. You grabbed all the colour that was left, and you pulled all of it out of me. In that respect, you are crueller than death.

Death merely does his job, and death ends this state of suffering you have caused.

Life, you seep out everything I had left in me. You took away everything I ever knew. Slowly, you enjoy the despair I seem to show through my worn out skin.

You amplify the my greatest nightmares and they come for me over and over again.

I’ll drag this dead weight, but I know there is no actual end. Swift sweet pain, death ends my misery and carries my weighted limbs back into the ground where I belong, where depth differs from that you gave, where depth is merely the depth of my bedded grave.

Sweet sweet death, come rescue me.
Come save me from this fucking misery.
Sweet swift pain, come destroy me.
Come pull me to eternity.